Beyond awesome | 越而胜己

I joined NYU Shanghai's candidate weekend last Saturday. I have to say that I am fascinated by the campus.

The activities we did in the candidate weekend were quite ordinary - two interviews, a sample class, a group activity, and a campus tour. The group activity, undoubtedly, is the hardest part, during which we had to cooperate with our teammates to make a presentation for 5 minutes, and we only had 35 minutes to prepare. Our ideas were completely at a mess at first, but later Rico came up with the idea that we could tap on the social network to solve the problem, and not until then did we actually start some proper preparing for our presentation.

The campus was really amazing, especially the Interactive Media Arts department. I hadn't known much about IMA before I went to the CW, but now I think I might take IMA as my major if I should be admitted, which now seems very unlikely because I think I might have screwed up my Interview B. I knew I said something wrong, but there was nothing I can do to make it up. Helpless.

Anyways NYU Shanghai has actually become my dream school after the CW. Honestly speaking, I had never seen a campus so beautiful and so friendly before I went to NYU Shanghai. Having just received U of Washington's offer that morning, I started to wonder if I really wanted to go to UW, and whether NYU Shanghai is actually the best place for me.

Still got 3 admission decisions to see this week (Cornell, Duke, Berkeley), but it is unlikely that I'm going to be admitted by any of those. Anyhow, I'll have to make the decision by late April.

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