Beyond awesome | 越而胜己

Today is the final day of our AIVD course. The course has been a wonderful experience for me. The course is brand new, because the American way of teaching is quite different from the Chinese way. We collaborated a lot during the projects we worked on, and I made a lot of friends in the collaborations. Thank you, my teammates - Evangeline, Bran, Samuel, Chris, Cindy and Toby. You've given me a lot of help and encouragement. Thank you, Sherol, for giving us such a unique course that can be experienced from nowhere else in China.

We've done a lot of coding and made a lot of posters in the two weeks. I realized that game designing isn't just about coding. It's communication that really matters. A good designer should communicate his ideas well.

Also we need to thank our T.A.'s - Yinan, Kevin and Jeffrey. They have been really helpful during the whole course. They helped us in coding as well as communicating with Sherol. The T.A.'s and we became friends. Thank you, Yinan, Kevin and Jeffrey!

Pictures will be posted later.