Beyond awesome | 越而胜己

The Legend of Zelda - The Skyward Sword is a Nintendo Wii game published in 2011. Compared to the previous version on Wii - The Twilight Princess, The Skyward Sword integrates the new tech on Wii - Wii Motion Plus. With the Wii Motion Plus, the motions of the player can be detected more precisely, so that the player can control the direction where the sword swings, making the game more difficult while more interesting. Some monsters require the player to attack it in a specific direction, and attacking in a wrong direction might do harm to Link himself.

Monsters that need to be killed in a specific direction.

The theme of the Skyward Sword is much brighter than that in the Twilight Princess. The monsters are less terrifying indeed, but do require higher skills to kill. The bosses are still quite tough to defeat - I always feel my legs shaking after defeating one.

New items are added in this version, including a beetle with remote control which can carry bombs as well as touch triggers to open doors. The shields are designed with a durability gauge, and might be broken when attacked by monsters. Different shields can shield different attacks, e.g. the wooden shield can block an electric shock, and the iron shield is fireproof.

However, the World Map in the Skyward Sword is rather small, especially in the sky, compared to the wild Hyrule Field in the Twilight Princess, making players feel restricted.