Beyond awesome | 越而胜己

If you find yourself dying in every game you play, you must try this game! The game Press Space To Win features high-quality music pixel-styled graphics and a splendid story line. It's a game you never want to miss!

Press Space To Win

To play Press Space To Win, you just need to keep pressing the space bar on your keyboard. You do literally everything with the space bar, and you don't have to think.

That easy? Could that be called a game? Why not! If you try to find the 3 fundamental elements of a game from PSTW, you'll find no difficulty:

  • Ludus: Defeat the king.
  • Paida: Press space (for everything).
  • Narrative: Adventure to save the kingdom.

However, when you think it over, is pressing the space bar really a Paida? In this "game", the space bar only serves as a "continue" button, and the whole "game" is actually a movie. A player has no choice to make in this "game", and the press space bar action is just a fake interaction. As a result, this so-called game makes people bored.