Beyond awesome | 越而胜己

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It is another indie game. You Have To Burn The Rope enables you to move your character, so you'll have more "gaming" experience with YHTBTR than with Press Space To Win. You can call YHTBTR a game, really.

  • Ludus: Kill the boss.
  • Paida: Go left, right & jump.
  • Narrative: Kill the boss (not really a story?).

You Have To Burn The Rope

However, in this game, the author has told you how to kill the boss before you even meet the boss. This makes the game boring. In a good game, the player should find how to kill the boss by himself. It's an intriguing experience to explore the right way to go through the game. Having these instructions makes the gaming experience fast but bland. It's like looking for a walkthrough in an adventure game, you'll pass easy but you lose the fun.

When you are designing games, give the player hints, but not the answers. Solving answers from hints is an important part of the game.